Monday, April 12, 2010

Pollenating all Nations!

This past week I was able to attend a practice round at the Master's golf tournament in Augusta. It was an amazing event. The golf was great, but the pollen was bad. Some big name golfers were even whining about how bad the pollen was. The Master's Green was beginning to look very Yellow!

Later that week I was blowing the pollen off my porch and I began thinking there had to be a disciple making principle in this sea of yellow dust. I was right! After checking things out on Wikipedia I was reminded that pollen is all about plant reproduction. You'll have to read about it for yourself but trust me, pollen is a great picture of reproduction.

Reproduction, of course, is where disciple making comes in. We are here to reproduce disciples for Christ. We are here to cover all nations in disciples. Much like the pollen that covers everything in sight, God wants us spreading the message of Christ all over the place. Wouldn't it be cool if we were impacting our world for Christ the way pollen impacts our lives?

I, for one, actually believe that God really wants us to be making disciples in such a way that the world is impacted. I think we should actually be changing the landscape and affecting the people around us. In many ways we ought to be like pollen that covers everything and lets you know it is here.

If you take away nothing else from this blog at least take away one thing. Instead of cursing the pollen, let it remind you of why you are here. Pray that you life will have great impact for Christ and live in such a way that God can use you to impact the nations.

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Jason said...

Ken, you are so right in what we are supposed to be doing. Too often and for many years people tend to leave it for someone else to do. As you can see in our nation leaving it to someone else doesn't get the job done. Myself included, people need to step up and get to work. I don't know about you but I have yet to meat this person called Somebody Else...

In Christ,